Parents Testimonials




My son is non-verbal and I was concerned that he may be unable to follow instructions during yoga classes. I also worried that he would not be able to be still or stay in the room long enough, but Sinead’s expertise and gentle approach gave me hope. After just a few sessions his concentration at school improved, he was calmer and he was sleeping better at night. Sinead’s use of predictable routines allowed him to feel safe and secure during his classes. No pressure, no expectations. A strong bond of friendship and trust was forged between Sinead and my son. Gradually he began to open up further to new yoga poses, breathing techniques, healing sounds and deep relaxation. Feeling the benefits of yoga, classes quickly became the highlight of the week for us both.  Ruth 2015.





My son has been attending Special Yoga Cork for over 2 years. Colm has autism and finds it very difficult to communicate, to relax and to get to sleep at night.

Since attending Special Yoga Cork with Sinead, Colm has become so happy and chilled. He has become much more aware of his body and loves how good the different yoga stretches make him feel. He is so much better now at self-regulating when he gets distressed and best of all he sleeps brilliantly for the next few nights following his yoga session.  We practice his yoga at home with him and this leads to great interaction and affection from Colm. Of all the many therapies we have tried with Colm I have found yoga with Sinead to be the most beneficial in so many ways. Clodagh 2016




My daughter Tara attends yoga with Sinead at Special yoga Cork and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Tara is 5 she has down syndrome and a severe learning disability. When Tara started doing yoga with Sinead it was like a little light went on inside of her. She immediately started to mimic the um sounds that Sinead was making, it was incredible.

Sinead is a fantastic teacher so kind, patient and loving with Tara .I had no hesitation in leaving Tara with Sinead for her class , which was a hugh comfort to me because I knew she would be looked after so well.
Tara is not interested in a lot of conventional toys so to see her so engaged with yoga was fantastic. To hear her deep breathing and making her sounds from the yoga class was brilliant and a total affirmation for me that she really loved the yoga class. Eithne, 2016


dsc_0002When I first took my son to Sinead, I felt powerless as a Mum to help my son or understand him. At the time he was undiagnosed with Autism. My son would regularly bite and kick me with several meltdowns per day.  Through attending Sinead I gained a greater understanding of his sensory needs and how the world affected him. I found a way to relax and calm him and reconnect with my son in a loving way. Those exercises are there every day and another tool in my kit to enter my son’s world.  As a result the aggressive behaviour has reduced a lot and and my son is starting to blossom. Yoga has been our start to a happier time. Val 2016