Therapeutic Yoga

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Yoga means to unite… unite body, heart, mind and breath. 

Yoga helps to set the foundation for learning.

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Sinead uses this yoga philosophy as way to guide her compassionate approach when working with children with additional needs.  Sinead believes the essence of yoga, i.e. slowing down, and connecting with your body, heart, mind and breath is a valuable life tool for children with additional needs, especially effective for children with Autism, and sensory processing difficulties.

Sinead is a skilled; gentle and caring practitioner. She is attuned to the needs of each child she works with. We’ve practiced yoga with Sinead in our home and in her yoga space and no matter where we meet her she is a calm and kind presence. Sinead is very generous with her considerable knowledge and skillset. Thank you Sinead! Claire, Cork 2017

Reported Benefits of yoga for children with Autism:

  • improved sleep,
  • improved ability to follow social cues,
  • increase in awareness with their environment,
  • tools for sensory regulation
  • increase in body awareness
  • reduced levels of anxiety
  • enjoyment in an activity
  • increased ability to relax, and wind down

Related articles and research:

Efficacy of the Get Ready to Learn Yoga Program Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Pretest–Posttest Control Group Design, by Koenig et al.  The American Journal of Occupational Therapy September/October 2012, Volume 66, Number 5

The results of one study published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy ( Radhakrishna, S., 2010),showed an improvement in imitation skills. The study indicated that yoga may offer benefits as an effective tool to increase imitation, cognitive skills and social-communicative behaviours in children with ASD.

Mindfulness-based approaches for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Caregivers: Do these Approaches Hold Benefits for Teachers? Australian Journal of Teacher Education Volume 41 | Issue 6 Article 5, 2016