Training Testimonials

CPD Training

Yoga in the classroom training module


Very useful.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to using the various tools in my classroom. Thanks!

Primary school teacher, Cork

When OTs mention Sensory Processing Difficulties my eyes glaze over, as it’s so complex to non OTs.  This course took some of the mystery out of it and gave practical advice on what to do.

Kaye, Primary School teacher, Cork

Excellent advice and practical ideas which can be easily applied in either special classes or mainstream classes.

Primary School teacher, Cork

This was a wonderful course Sinead. Really enjoyed the yoga sessions and will definitely use these tools in the classroom.

Kate, Primary school teacher, Cork


Sensory Processing Training 

After attending a training talk on the topic of ‘Sensory Processing’ with Sinéad, I feel better equipped to understand and address the needs of a child presenting with these challenges. I now have a menu of strategies and tactics to use so that I can make progress towards their academic targets, which as a teacher, is vital to their success at gaining access to the Primary Curriculum and achieving their potential. It also helps me to see a way to a happier and more centered child who develops strategies to ground themselves. A worthwhile insightful talk for all who work with children.

Cora, Primary School Teacher Cork

 Parent Training

Sinead was working 1:1 with my son at home, however I felt myself and my husband needed more information about what was going on for our son, we needed to understand his behaviour, which was very challenging at times.

We went for a family training with Sinead. It was hugely helpful and informative. Sinead began to teach us how to see the world through sensory processing, and how it was important to keep our son regulated in a “just right” place throughout the day. Sinead explained this information-sensory processing and strategies for regulation in a very practical and understandable way. It has been great help to me and all the family, we are using some of the techniques at home, and thankfully my son is doing great.

Suzy, Mum, Kinsale